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​Jeffrey Cooper was raised around Peculiar, Missouri with his five siblings. His family was in full-time ministry, ministering in song and preaching across the country. Jeffrey was saved in early December of 2008 after being convicted of his sin while listening to an episode of Unshackled. He personally answered the call to ministry in 2011 when he and his older brother, Jonathan, began to travel on their own, continuing the family legacy of singing and preaching across the US. He met his wife, Charlotte, while he was ministering in her home city of Branson, Missouri. They got married in August of 2016 at Calvary Baptist Church of Branson. At the time, neither one would have dreamed that God would call them to be pastor of that very church. However, in March of 2017, they answered that very call from God and continue to faithfully serve the Branson community. Under the Cooper's leadership, Calvary Baptist has grown and extended its outreach in the community. They have four wonderful children, Alissa, Katelyn, David, and Joseph.

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