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Auditorium Remodel

God has blessed Calvary Baptist Church this year by allowing us to remodel our auditorium. When our building was first built, the auditorium was never truly finished. For nearly two decades we have been meeting in an auditorium that had the insulation showing on the walls and no ceiling. In addition to several unfinished items, the air system that had been installed was not the right type for the building. This in conjunction with the unfinished roof caused moisture to develop under the roof and would literally rain inside the building during extreme temperatures. We started doing some basic remodeling last year as the Lord provided, beginning with updated seating and finishing the walls. At the beginning of this year, however, God led an individual to our church that wanted to help remodel the church. We began raising the money for a complete remodel. God has provided miraculously every step of the way. To date, we have raised nearly  all of the money needed for the project and are making great progress in the project. Below, you can see pictures of the entire project as well as the floor plan for the project. If you would like to help fund this project, you can give securely online by clicking here.

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